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TWBB Cover1
TWBB 001
Sorry these are late. Work, school, and now a broken tablet are not helping at all. I'm really sorry about this.
Link to story: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1073758

Art Post Wincestiel BigBang

Helllooo kitties. Well I have another bigbang post fer ya! I gotta say, this is one of my favorites. My author hpautumngrl is simply an amazing person and I can't wait to meet her in RL. Anywho, this is fer the wincestielbang! And its all 'bout serial killers! which should not be as hot as this but oh well it is!

A/N:Warnings!: Blood, slight gore, slight spoilers fer the story, and crappy weapons. If ya know that this makes you uneasy do not freaking look, kay?

WincestielBB1 01

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Sassy MiniBang Art Post

Hey y'all! So this is fer the sassy_minibang! I had a blast with making this one cause of all the colours and again fer having an awesome author. So make sure to give some lovin' to oflittleuse!!

sassymb 1 01

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Supernatural Reverse BigBang Art Post II

Hey again! This is fer the spn_reversebang again and I had a fantastic author anoradh. I really hope you guys like it!

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Supernatural Reverse BigBang Art Post

Hey! This is fer the spn_reversebang I had a super author remivel. I really hope you guys like it!

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J2Kane BigBang Masterpost

j2kbb 1 01

Hey guys! Here with another masterpost. This time its fer the j2_kane_bigbang with the great author stella_lost with her story Your Voice is a Splinter Inside Me. She was awesome to work with and I hope I do her story justice!

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